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Tool Carrier Designed with YOU in Mind

Tackle any job with the Mantis Prime Mover

The Mantis can operate interchangeable attachments for boom mowing, wide area mowing, and various other jobs.


The Mantis is designed with safety in mind. A full-visibility cab allows you to see your work from any angle. A rear-view camera and backup alarm makes reversing simple. 


As an optimized tool carrier, the Mantis is designed with the space claim for various attachments. The Mantis has the ability to operate front, side, and rear mount attachments.


With the ability to rotate the cab 90 degrees in either direction and crab steer, the Mantis gives you full visibility and maneuverability no matter where you are. 


Unlike traditional tractors with boom mowers, the Mantis has a standard transport width of 102” which means it can be operated on all roadways. 

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Cab Pano.png

Visibility & Comfort

6 Window Cab with 72 sq ft of Glass


  • Protective structure meets ISO 8082 Roll-Over Protective Structures (ROPS) 

  • Cab size configured for ISO 3477 (operator space requirements)

  • Polycarbonate window option

  • Safety Lighting

Mantis Rear (1).jpg


  • 12" high-visibility touch screen 

  • Fully User Configurable CAN-bus controls & operator interface

  • Rear-view camera

  • Backup Alarm

  • Bluetooth Stereo with Microphone

  • Mower Indicators

  • Inching/Brake Pedal

  • Steering Wheel

  • Left Hand-Operated Direction Control

  • Speedometer

  • Convenience Outlets

Mantis Cab (2).jpg
Mantis Rear (1).jpg


  • Light Bar (DOT spec).  

  • Front and/or rear PTOs with hydraulic remote options.  

  • Rear drawbar hitch with 6,000 lbs towing capacity.

  • Attachment hydraulic quick disconnect package. 

  • 90° rotating cab (either direction) capability.

  • Hi-flow front hydraulic circuit.

  • DOT trailer lighting (front and rear) connector.

  • Skid-steer (front) electrical connector.

  • Front CAT II three-point-hitch with 4500 lb. capacity.

  • Front skid-steer hitch.


  • Pressurized filtered air HVAC system

  • High-quality air ride seat with arm rests

  • Training Seat

  • Cup Holder

  • Personal Storage Compartments

Mantis Cab (1).jpg
Mantis Side Tires (2).jpg

Any Direction,
Any Time

Steering / Wheel Options

Two- and Four-wheel automatic-synchronizing steering with CRAB steer option. 

Two speed gearing provides 100% torque increase for rough terrain.

100% locking front and rear differentials.
Solid steerable axles, rear axle pivoting and fixed front axle.  

Steering Modes_2 Wheel Steering.png

2 Wheel Steering
20.5' Turning Radius

Steering Modes_All Wheel Steering.png

All Wheel Steering
11.5' Turning Radius

Crab Steering

An Attachment for Every Job

Attachment Options

Boom Mower Options

  • Boom reach of either 24' or 30' from center of the machine to the edge of cut.

  • A swing back breakaway feature.

  • Capable of mowing within 6" of tires.

  • Capable of mowing 45° downward slope.

  • Head options:

    • 22" Ditch Renovator

    • 48" Brush Cutting Flail

    • 60" HD Grass Flail

    • 50" SD Rotary Head

    • ​60" SD Rotary Head​

    • 50" Mulching Head

    • 69" Buzz Bar Saw Head

    • 90" Buzz Bar Saw Head

Rotary & Flail Mower Option

  • 21' hydraulic driven rotary or flail mower option with center deck out front.

  • Hydraulic float functions allow the mowers to follow the ground elevations.

  • The mowing heights are adjustable between 1” – 9”.

Technical Data

Mantis dimensions-01.png
Mantis dimensions-02.png

Technical Data

Rotating Cabin - Optional

Joystick - Electronic 3-Axis 

Transmission - Hydrostatic 

Traction - 4x4

Transport Speed - 25 MPH

Working Speed - 0.1 - 8 MPH

Base machine weight without attachments - 15,000 lbs

Maximum Attachment Weight - 12,000 lbs


Engine Technical Data

Brand - Deutz 5.2L

Model - Tier IV/Stage V turbocharged diesel engine

Power - 155HP / 201HP

Fuel Tank Capacity - 55 gal

DEF Tank Capacity - 5 gal

Alternator - 220A

Fan - FLEXXAIRE Reversible Self-cleaning

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An Alamo Group Product

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